Notice of Funds Available (RFP)

Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council

23CH01FA23:  Inclusive Sports


Posted Applications Due Start Date End Date Amount MatchPoverty Match Council Staff
Apr 25, 2022 Jul 01, 2022 Oct 01, 2022 Sep 30, 2023 $40,000.00 $13,333.00$0.00 Rebecca Bates


Students with disabilities experience significant barriers when attempting to access health and wellness activities. Typical barriers include:
•Individuals aiding individuals with disabilities lack awareness on how to involve them on teams.
•There are few opportunities and programs for training and competition for students with disabilities.
•Facilities are often not accessible.
•Information and services that promote health and wellness are not designed to consider the preferences and needs of youth with disabilities.
To assist youth with disabilities to participate in sports in the way they want and with whom they want to participate ODDC will support a project that will create and/or expand opportunities for youth with disabilities to participate in an inclusive sport program.

•Increase access and opportunities to inclusive sports programs for students with disabilities.
•Increase communication pathways for students with disabilities and their families to help facilitate increased participation in inclusive sports programs.
•Actively engage the local community to help promote participation in inclusive sports programming.


There are no restrictions on the type of entity that may apply for this project.

All applications must include three (3) letters of recommendation, the resume of the project director, and the names of the organization’s board members (if the applicant is an organization with a governing board), proof of non-profit status (if the applicant is a non-profit organization), a copy of the applicant’s most recent federally negotiated indirect cost rate agreement (if requesting indirect costs and not using the de minimis rate), and a signed copy of the Council’s Assurances form, which will be available on the DD Suite application website. These materials can be uploaded as part of the application submission in DD Suite.


This NOFA is accompanied by several attachments. Please download and review each attachment prior to beginning the grant application process. The attachments include:

State Plan Language - This is a complete description of the project which includes intended outcomes and proposed performance measures.

DD Council Assurances - These assurances must be signed and attached as part of the application submission. Refusal to include a completed DD Council Assurances form will result in the application being removed from consideration.

Grantee Guidelines - This document includes important information about the requirements of a DD Council grantee.